Basically the Best special yet!

Brand new scrapbooking papers are here, and you can get some FREE!*

What could be better than treating yourself to brand new scrapbooking paper? How about getting even MORE paper for free!

During the month of August, when you order our Whimsy, Adventure, and Enchantment Fundamentals papers, you can choose to get either the Rustic Home or Uptown Fundamentals for FREE! Both of these Basics packs feature foil designs and specialty materials for making your artwork unique. Yep, this deal is basically the best!

Whimsey Fundamentals6d5f1150-35a1-46ee-b75a-32258b1ba674

Adventure Fundamentals

6a40bce8-f896-48b5-88de-5c487603ca9dEnchantment Fundamentals

49e56202-b3ac-41a9-8bb5-6aa1435ec910Each package contains 2 sheets each of the patterns show above – with different patterns on the front and back of each – for a total of 24 pages in each package – for only $19.95 each. Each of these paper packs also has a coordinating complements set with titles, icons, and fun shapes to embellish your projects AND coordinating ribbon for each combination as well! SO much creative goodness to choose from!!!

The Basics Fundamentals have FOUR glorious options to choose from, along with coordinating complements and ribbon!!! These paper packs range in price from $4.95 to $14.95 and include metallic accented kraft paper, overlays, and vellum all featuring copper, gold and silver foil accents!

Rustic Home Fundamentals


Uptown Funk Fundamentals


Memo Fundamentals


All About the Gold Fundamentals


Here’s where it gets difficult – once you add all three of the Whimsy, Adventure and Enchantment paper packs to your cart, you will have to CHOOSE which FREE Basic paper to add to your cart! You can choose either the Rustic Home or Uptown Fundamentals for FREE! Actually, it’s not that difficult to choose! Pick one for FREE and add the others to your cart or wish list for your next purchase!

Not sure where to start creating with these? Contact me and I can send you projects complete with cutting guide and assembly instructions to complete in the comfort of your own home! Or join my club to gather with other crafters for a fun night of creativity!

Offer valid August 1, 2016 (9:00 am MDT) – August 31, 2016 (11:59 pm MDT)


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