NEWvember Part 2…

One week in to my journey of a NEW me, and LOTS has happened!  If you happened to miss the first post, don’t feel left out, you can catch up HERE!

FIRST OF ALL, Oh my heavens, my kiddos have blessed my heart abundantly! We have started nightly family devotions.  Their eagerness to learn and engage in the story is so precious.  Our first story was Jesus healing the lame man by the pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-15)  The following morning, as I was taking O-Bro (the 3 year old) to preschool, I asked him, “What did Jesus say last night?” and he confidently and excitedly shouts “GET UP!!! Tak-a-da-mat! And WALK!” Although now he claims that Jesus said to take your mat and “sleep” lol.  (yea its his nap time)

The passage has stuck with me all week long.  It spoke to the core of my soul, reaffirming that  Jesus has a mission for me and He has a plan.  The ball is in MY court.  Its up to me to “get up, take my mat, and walk!”  I have got to put the work in, I have got to take responsibility for seeing the mission accomplished.

And boy have I put some work in this week! I’ve decided to sell my resent creations in a local shop for the holidays.  I cranked out FOUR mini albums and FOUR Christmas garlands this week! I also thought I’d start advertising to make some custom albums.  This video is nothing fancy, just a quick one for Facebook, but incase you want to SEE…


THIRD NEW thing for the week was MEAL PLANNING! (For those of you with OCD and you’re taking notes, second was the work I accomplished!)  Now, I shouldn’t really call this new, as I have tried it many, many times over to develop a plan that would work for me and my family.  However,  this past week worked, so I call it a WIN! If you have any quick and easy recipes please share in comments, as this meal planning is still a work in progress!  I will be doing a post with my final meal calendar by the end of NEWvember ok!

And FINALLY, NEWvember calls for NEW HAIR! 😉 I chose a shade or two darker than normal.  I know you are all chomping at the bit for a selfie, but you’ll have to wait for our family christmas photos for that!

Now, let me hear it, whats new for you this season?

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